How to increase the effectiveness of a single cup of coffee

If you are a human and have a heart beat, chances are you like coffee. Some people like coffee because they like the taste. Weird, but true. Most people drink coffee because it gives them ENERGY!!! If that's you, keep reading. I am going to explain why coffee gives you energy and how to increase the effectiveness of a single cup of coffee quickly and easily.

According to Statistic Brain 100 million Americans drink coffee and 60 million claim they need a cup to start their day. This is for a good reason too, coffee is a great natural source of caffeine, the world's most consumed stimulant. A stimulant, according to Oxford dictionary, is any drug or supplement that has an raises the level of physiological or nervous activity in the body. When caffeine is consumed it rapidly enters the blood stream and increases the level of activity in the brain. It makes sense doesn't it? When you are tired and your brain is still in rest mode, consuming healthy amounts of caffeine would give you a great sense of wakefulness. But when it comes to enhanced energy, memory, and cognition, stimulants are just one class of substances that are effective. The other is nootropics.

Ok, seriously, what in the world is a nootropic? There is a good chance you have seen the word thrown around in the news or some company trying to sell you them. Nootropic is a Greek phrase meaning mind turning. Sounds crazy right?! I promise you they aren't crazy hallucinogenic drugs like LSD or shrooms, but they are taken to improve cognition and memory. Most nootropics are herbal extracts and are sourced from natural sources and are backed by extensive research. Some popular nootropics are ginkgo biloba, mucuna puriens, choline, theanine and other herbs/amino acids. Often times these supplements are found in every day items and health supplements like GNC's Men's Vitapack or the Neuro drinks found in stores nationwide. Alone, nootropics work to some degree but where the magic really happens is when you combine different supplements to create a memory enhancing, focus boosting, energized feeling with little to no side effects.

When it comes to combining nootropics, also known as nootropic stacks, there are infinite possibilities. Theanine (Thee-a-neen) is a non-dietary amino acid found in green tea. At a standard dose of 200mg it is known to promote relaxation without sedation. This means it helps reduce stress without making you sleepy. It can improve attention, especially when combined with caffeine. Perhaps the most desirable effect of theanine is it helps "take the edge off of stimulants" like caffeine. An equal dose of caffeine and theanine at 200mg a piece will leave you feeling calm, alert, and attentive without the jitters or crash.

Ok, so we have covered why coffee is such a popular drink and that by stacking caffeine with other cognitive boosting supplements you can increase its effectiveness. How do you do it though? When it comes to nootropic supplements there are many different ways it comes. There are pills, powders, ready-to-drink bottles, etc. and they all work great. But when it comes to any great supplement you have to consider your lifestyle as well. How easy will it be for you to take on a consistent basis? Will it be convenient for you or just another thing to add to your already complex morning routine?

Pills can be easy for some but to others it can be a major pain in the neck... Literally. Especially for those who already take a multivitamin. Starting my day with a mouthful of pills is a no go, I don't care how smart it makes me feel. Powders are definitely more easy to consume but will you remember to mix it in the morning when you're running late for work? Probably not. You'll probably rush to work and settle for the break room coffee. Ready-to-drink's are at the center of convenience and enjoyment but you will pay a premium. A good ready to drink can cost anywhere from $5-$10 per bottle!!

What works best for me and what I have seen work best for others is something that is affordable, enjoyable, and doable. Something that won't mess with your routine too much so you can stay consistent even when you're running late for work. You already drink coffee which is abundant with caffeine, and if you belong to the majority of coffee users in the U.S. that use creamer in their coffee you obviously make time for that as well. So why not just make a smarter way to do coffee. Why not add nootropic supplements to your coffee creamer so all you have to do is keep doing what you have always done, just use a new creamer?

These were the questions I was asking myself when I was struggling to find a way to conveniently improve my energy and cognition. So I made one for myself and let my friends, family, and co-workers give it a try. They all love it and continue to use it.

Since then I had my close friend Mike Nester use it when preparing for his bodybuilding competition. He needed something that did have harsh stimulants, artificial sweeteners, or added coloring. My other friend Shome Keehn who is an aspiring young professional that runs a modeling page on Instagram, goes to school, and has a day job. She has struggled to focus all of her life and was prescribed Adderall to maintain her focus. She decided to give my creamer a try and has been a customer ever since.

It is the same for virtually every person that has tried it in varying industries. Pretty much anyone who could benefit from enhanced focused and energy could benefit from using my awesome coffee creamer. From athletes to students, from the average employee trying to be productive to the CEO trying to take his or her company to the next level.

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