Facts About Coconuts That Will Crack Your Shell

2. Along with being naturally antimicrobial, the coconut, and coconut oil has many natural properties that benefit people. Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) have been discovered and isolated from coconuts as a fatty acids with a long unbranched aliphatic tail or chain. Essential fatty acids cannot be made in the body and must be supplied from food. MCTs offer a large amount of energy from breaking the bonds because of the long carbon chains. Lauric (12 carbons) and caprylic acid (8 carbons) are two of the quickest energy releasing MCTs found in coconut because they readily bind to a two carbon coenzyme (acetyl-CoA). There MCTs just happen to be found in our coffee creamer Pourfection.

3. The coconut got its name from the early Spanish explorers, who were in love with the coco so much they named it after a monkey (el mono à el coco) because of the three indentations that resembled two eyes and a mouth on the hairy nuts.The scientific name later became Cocos nucifera.

4. Coconuts are also used in many cultures as a form of offering to higher powers. Offerings to gods have to be pure, and simply smelling a flower before it is offered will desecrate it as an offering. The internals of coconuts are pure, since they are surrounded by the exocarp. Because of this they are considered to be the most pure and unadulterated offering that human beings can make to the god. Breaking the coconuts represents the shattering of one’s own ego, which is why breaking it at an altar is synonymous with releasing one’s self-image for the sake of something sacred.

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